“Lorraine’s View” – Aventura, Florida

Aventura, FL
This image, “Lorraine’s View” was commissioned for Lorraine Struhl and photographed on July 14, 2012. Lorraine will be moving from her condominium in Aventura, FL later this year and desired a memory of the expansive view from her 16th floor condominium. Lorraine has enjoyed this view for decades and the image will decorate her new home in Atlanta, GA. The weather was a little cloudy as is common in south Florida during the summer months.

During our discussion about the view, Lorraine remarked how she liked the lake with the sail boats to the right, the sliver of ocean far in the distance, the trail with benches around the pond to the left, and the open space all around. I decided the best way to capture this was with a panoramic composition that would retain the visual perspective rather than shooting a wide angle lens that would render a fish eye perspective and dwarf the horizon between the sky and rooftops. The image is a panoramic composition of 13 individual photographs stitched together and post processed for an artistic effect. The 1×5 format creates a five foot wide image at 12″ of height.

Be sure to click the image for a zoom view.

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