Going Pro

…continued from “Honing my skills

From 2009 – 2011, I regularly photographed aspiring models and hosted the Alpharetta Creative Photography Co-op (ACPC) with a following of over 200 members. In late 2010, I moved my studio to a smaller (600 sqft) but more professional location in Alpharetta and spent more time coaching photographers on lighting, composition, and model direction at the meetings.

I continued to develop my portfolio, promote my business in Atlanta, and develop a client base. My regular client work included shooting fashion catalogs for Parsley & Sage; events for The ATLANTAN magazine, The Rally Foundation, Casa Nuova Restaurant and Mogul PR; and product photography for Wildflower Dolls and Guarded Systems.

In 2010, I attended a fashion photography workshop in Miami. While there, I fell in love with the city, its climate, its cultural diversity and especially its fashion industry. I knew this was a city where I wanted to live and work – especially after the kids left the nest. To my surprise, my wife was also excited about the prospect of moving to a warmer climate in south Florida. I set my goals on buying a house and setting up a studio in Miami. We bought a house in Miami in May of 2011 which was to become our retirement home. In November 2011, I expanded my studio (1500 sqft) and relocated it to Miami to engage the larger art, photography, fashion, and entertainment market. In March 2012, Parsley & Sage encouraged me to open a studio in their Marietta warehouse office space so I now operate a studio in both Miami and Atlanta.

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