Honing my skills

… continued from “Resurection from the ashes… enter digital photography

I had always imagined myself photographing beautiful and famous people. I decided it was time to follow my childhood passion of being a professional photographer. I wasn’t sure where this would take me but I knew I had to update my skills in digital photography. Upon returning, I registered for upper level classes in photography at the Art Institute of Atlanta where my skills in Photoshop were honed and I learned to use studio lighting. I registered for classes taught by Perry Dilbeck who mentored me and pushed me into learning everything I could about the history of photography. I attended various professional photography workshops with National Geographic photographers David Alan Harvey and William Albert Allard who helped me capture and present a series of images to create “the photostory”. I began to see photography as more than art, I began to understand the “language of photography” as a communication medium.

Marilyn Monroe by Richard Avedon

My passion has always been people photography. Where landscape and architectural photography can be copied by a clever photographer who shows up the day after with your picture in hand, people photography is so different. The interaction between subject and photographer leads to a unique portrait that can never be duplicated or copied. The people skills I developed in sales, consulting, and executive search are quite handy when working with a photographic subject. It is always my goal to find a way to trigger an emotional response that results in a fantastic portrait. Unlike Richard Avedon, who sought to dissect the soul of his subjects with the camera and whose work is a strong influence, I see people in a positive light and use that perspective to create beautiful images.

Atlanta Now Contest Winner

I’ve always enjoyed photographing scenic places but my travels were too limited to keep me busy in landscape photography. Although I don’t find Atlanta to be a visually interesting subject to photograph, I have found moments when the city has captured my eye. I won the “Atlanta Now” photography contest by the Atlanta Regional Commission for a photograph of midtown.

At the end of 2008, I decided to go pro with my equipment and in early 2009 found a building which I could rent as a part time studio. I began to accumulate studio strobes and light modifiers. I partnered with a local boutique owner, Carmen Cruz to photograph her fashions in my studio. My portfolio continued to expand and my lighting skills took on a signature look.

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