Art + People

Art + People

Art influences people and this series portrays people interacting with art, some intentionally, some inadvertently.

[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_01-A-01654-Art Miami.jpg]40Failure is an Option
A planned happening of random events in life and art.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_02-A-01663-Art Miami.jpg]30Be Who U R
A perfect interaction of art and life expressed beyond the limits of the artist's interpretation but not beyond the photographer's intent at the decisive moment.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_03-A-01660-Art Miami.jpg]20Painting the Day Away
This artist immerses herself in her work to pass the time away as the show drones on and on.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_04-A-01664-Art Miami.jpg]10Joan Benefiel Sculpture
Art is the expression of a shy person.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_05-A-01701-Art Miami.jpg]10In Context
Passersby identify with the colorful and cultural expression of public art.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_06-A-01684-Art Miami.jpg]10Sand Artist
Public art is sometimes fleeting as the breeze.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_07-A-01548-David Alan Harvey.jpg]00David Alan Harvey
David Alan Harvey explains how "the miracle" of this photograph emerged after burning a joint on a rooftop with his nude male model an female muse.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_08-A-01563-David Alan Harvey.jpg]30Brian Harvey
Son, Brian Harvey, designed David's most recent book which pairs various "split images" to create new meanings in a filmography style photo storybook about David and his muses in Rio.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_09-A-01655-Art Miami.jpg]00Bump
Sometimes the convergence of people and street art creates art with new meaning.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_10-A-01530-NGDG-Chalk.jpg]00Ping + Pong
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_11-A-01547-NGDG-Chalk.jpg]00Nightlife Graphic Design Gallery at Chalk Lounge
Unnamed artist with his poster for the event.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_12-A-01434-Moksha.jpg]00Art Appreciation is learned
The meaning of art and its cultural relevance can be understood with the help of an elder.
[img src= + People/thumbs/thumbs_13-A-01685-Art Miami.jpg]00Art Miami 2012

Art influences people. People create art to change attitudes. Art lives when people interact with art. This series portrays people interacting with art, some intentionally, some inadvertently. These images were made during Art Basel Week 2012.

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