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Do We Really Want To Fix Obamacare?

Its January 2017 and the new, Republican controlled Congress is determined to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) or as many prefer to call it Obamacare. The question arises, is it so bad that it needs to be repealed and replaced or just fixed? The answer lies in whether you think healthcare should be defined […]

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The Finer Art of Photography

I’ve been neglecting my blog recently as my attention has shifted to Fine Art photography. If you’re missing me here, please check out where you will find regular posts of fine art photography. This site will remain more of a commentary and photography blog site for fashion and model photography and a few photo […]

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Cyberspace Zombies

Behind the scenes at a recent fashion show I was present to make some photos of the girls getting their hair and makeup done. The scene was not your typical dressing room. The typical dressing room would have the models sitting in front of a makeup table with a large mirror and lots of clean […]

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People Interacting with Art

The current trend with art today is interactive art. Art is not so much something to look at and admire as it is a social statement about who we are and how we react to each other in the presence of art. To that end I have been observing people interacting with art. These images […]

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Pena Castle, Sintra, Lisbon, Portugal

The Pena Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage site located in Sintra, near Lisbon Portugal. The castle is an amazing work of Romanticism architecture combining several styles (Gothic, the Portuguese Manueline, Islamic and Renaissance). The castle is situated on a steep mountain ridge where it receives cool breezes and fog. The castle is surrounded by […]

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Ocean Drive Art Deco Weekend 2013

Photos taken walking along Ocean Drive, South Beach, Miami Beach, Florida during Art Deco Weekend 2013. These images are all post processed using HDR technology and are new additions to the “South Beach Experience” collection.

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Art + People

Art influences people. People create art to change attitudes. Art lives when people interact with art. This series portrays people interacting with art, some intentionally, some inadvertently. These images were made during Art Basel Week 2012.

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Fairchild Botanical Gardens

One of my favorite places in the Miami area to go and get lost is Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens. This place has some of the most dramatic implementations of plant biodiversity imaginable. The gardens were established in 1935 honoring one of the world’s greatest botanists, Dr. David Fairchild. Fairchild worked for the US Department of […]

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Bing! Urban Composter

One morning last week I was awaken by a noise that sounded like the garbage truck but it wasn’t garbage day. When I looked out front, “bing!” in my driveway sat a new blue garbage can. My first thought was wow, why did they change the color and give me a new one? I already […]

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Save the Mangos

Throughout the month of June this huge mango tree in my yard literally rains mangos. At the peak of the season, this tree dropped over 200 pounds of fruit in a day. It was impossible to go out and harvest the fruit without getting hit in the head with falling mangos. I harvested as much […]

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