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The Phantasm Collection is a body of abstracted artistic nudes. The “Phantasm” represents a surreal, ghostly character seemingly in another world. The Phantasm experience is like looking into a cosmic disturbance where a distant life form is intermittently taking shape in the physical universe. The Phantasm collection contains several series, each with a single model interacting with the photographer through a translucent barrier which adds to the mystery and the abstraction of the nude figure. Each series is sequenced to portray a surreal, almost cyber-sexual encounter. Each Phantasm has a different personality. Sometimes the Phantasm seems as if she is distant, unaware and untouchable. Sometimes she seems to be reaching out for help. Sometimes she seems to know there is someone out there as she puts on a seductive show to attract and tease the viewer.

ACP Portfolio Review 2010 – Phantasm Collection

The Phantasm Collection is a body of work which presents a conceptual interpretation of voyeurism. The works compel the viewer to engage the subject of discretely viewing nudity from a safe, somewhat obscured viewpoint. The images have been purposely photographed and post processed in a manner that further obscures and obfuscates the focus on the […]

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Phantasm – Missy

Model, Melissa Cheng, for the Phantasm Collection.

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Fine Art: Phantasm – Chappell

Chappell series for the Phantasm Collection. Model: Chappell

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Fine Art: Phantasm – Zazhi Series

Model: Zazhi Continuing work on the Phantasm Collection.

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Phantasm: Ruby Emeralda

Ruby Emeralda from the Phantasm Collection Model: Sophia MM# 1557982 Body Paint: Lynn Cole MM# 1255036 Studio: samdobrow photography Date: March 11, 2010

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Fine Art: Phantasm Sophia

Phantasm Sophia series from the Voyeur Project Model: Sophia Location: samdobrow photography studio Date: Febuary 24, 2010 Fine Art prints available for purchase (shopping cart available soon)

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Fine Art: Jade Phantasm

Jade Phantasm from the Voyeur Project These images may be purchased as fine art archival pigment prints. Two sizes are available. The small size is approximately 9″ x 13″ and the large size is aproximately 14″ x 21″. Each print is made to order, personally signed, window matted using museum rag board, and enclosed in […]

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