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The Louvre
Manarola - The Golden Hour
Grand Canal after Sunset
Olive Press
Villefrance-sur-mer from overlook
Morning in Riomagiorre
Montorosso by the Sea
Railway Apartments
Italian Farmhouse
Grand Canal Transit
Midnight on the Grand Canal
Approaching Dubrovnik
Somewhere on Santorini
Albanian Cellar
Key Biscayne Lighthouse
Key Biscayne Lighthouse Allee
Beach Approach
Beach at Key Biscayne
Man O' War
Miami from Key Biscayne
Janice on Miami Beach
Janice at Nikki Beach
The Louvre

The Louvre houses some of the western world's most treasured art. The building itself is also a treasure, having been the home of French kings for centuries, each wing was built as a monument to the current king. This image was taken out the window of the Louvre looking into the courtyard. One gets a sense of the grandeur of this place scaled against the people.

Approximate size: 9" x 13" (image).......... $275

Other sizes available on request