King Mango Strut – Coconut Grove 2015

One Percenter for Obama
Sucks to Suck
Jokehadi John
Medical Marijuana Promoter
Cavewoman with First Selfie
One Percenter for Obama

Coconut Grove, the village where I live, is like a community of retired hippies. It has a history of being an artist community and attracts a very eclectic group of residents. It is also a stone’s throw from UM which provides an infusion of youthful faces. Each year, on the last sunday of the year, there is a big street party called King Mango Strut. It begins with a parade of parodies and dissolves into a big street party with live bands in the street. Anything and everything politically incorrect is fair game. If it doesn’t make you cringe a t least a little, it shouldn’t be in the parade. The theme is “We put the nut back in Coconut Grove.” These photos were taken at the King Mango Strut. I love living in Coconut Grove.

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