Paris to Marrakesh

Paris River Boat
Champs Elysees
Paris from Arc de Triomphe
View from Pont Alexandre III
View for Marie Antionette
Walled City of Avila
Casa Lis
New Catherdal of Salamanca
Cool Respite in Coimbra
Quiet Cafe in Coimbra
Ano da Fe
Private Club
Rossio Square Train Station
Lisbon Cable Car
View atop the Pena Castle
Fortress of Pena
Courtyard of Violet
Goat Farmer
Heat of Ramadan
Chefchauen Blue
Douar Nzala el Rhechoua
Panarama of Fes, Morroco
Captive Audience
Pastries for Sale
Enter the Tannery
Leather Goods
Enter Marrakesh
Snake Charmers
Marrakesh Souks
Paris River Boat

A beautiful summer day in Paris overlooking the Seine River toward the Eiffel Tower.

Well everyone always asks “What did you do last summer?” Sometimes it is difficult to answer without monopolizing the conversation… so this series is meant to definitively answer the question with only a few words. People say “a picture is worth a thousand words”… Here are my 30 pictures! I’ll save you from the word count. So the title gives it away, I took a trip from Paris to Marrakesh over a period of three weeks with my daughter Jordan. Since Jordan wants to become an architect, we went to many historic places with unique architecture.

intrepid map Our gateway to Europe was Paris, France. After a few days in Paris, we flew to Madrid, Spain where we met our Intrepid tour group. Our tour proceeded to Salamanca, Spain followed by Coimbra and Lisbon in Portugal, and culminating in Morocco with visits to Chefchaouen, Fes and Marrakesh. Although, I have hundreds of images (of which I will post more of in the future) this series represents my favorite images from the journey. I am adding this group to my fine art gallery on Please visit the site if you want some of these images on your own walls.

Please do scroll through the entire series in full screen mode and be sure to click on the [i] button if you are interested in the story behind the image.

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