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Key Biscayne – Monochromatic Images

I’ve often asked myself, “is it a crime to print monochromatic images in color?” Much of the way I see photography comes from my early experiences shooting black and white. Now that digital photography allows me to easily process color, I shoot with an eye for monochromatic images but finish in color. While on Key […]

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SoBe Surreality

One of the rare occasions to photograph the architecture on Ocean Avenue without cars is the night before Art Deco Weekend opens in Miami Beach. All the vendors set up their tents across the street and when they go home there is virtually nobody on the closed street. These photos were made using multiple exposures, […]

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Banana Republic Bank

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This is South Beach

South Miami Beach has a wonderfully nostalgic feeling. The architecture reminds us of an era full of life and energy. The city is a melting pot heavily steeped with the Hispanic culture from Cuba and South America and to a lesser degree a prominent Jewish population. I returned to the Filmore to admire the beauty […]

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Holocaust Memorial – Miami Beach

This dramatic and emotional memorial to the over six million victims of the Holocaust caught my eye one day as I was walking around on South Beach.

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Playa del Carmen – Mexico’s Mayan Riveria

Playa del Carmen is located about one hour south of Cancun on the eastern coast of the Yucatan Peninsula. Playa del Carmen is the heart of the Mayan Riveria and is also the port for ferries to Cozumel. Along the coast from Cancun to Belize is a barrier reef second in size only to the […]

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South [Miami] Beach Art Deco District

Scenes from a day at South Beach. The most amazing thing about South Beach is the way it has retained its character over the years. Miami is a city which has experienced enormous growth yet this strip of the beach is maintained as it was in the 1920’s with low rise hotels and restaurants along […]

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On the boogie board at Flagler Beach, FL

We stayed with my best friend in Flagler Beach while returning to my high school reunion (Seabreeze Senior High). While on the beach, Jordan decided she was ready to learn to ride the boogie board. The important thing to learn about riding the waves is to get in front of the wave. It took Jordan […]

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138 images (may be slow to load) Grenada is called the spice isle due to all the different spices grown there but I think it should be called the friendly isle because of all its friendly people. I’ve visited several Caribbean islands and have not felt nearly as welcome as I did in Grenada. It […]

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The Island wants us to stay…

We have one more day on the Island but the Island won’t let us leave, we’re LOST! There are strange aliens out here and they keep calling us in their eerie voices “baaaaah, baaaaah, baaaaaaaah!” And then there are the OTHERS, who call this their island…. The OTHERS are openly friendly but very different!

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